FBLA State Structure

FBLA is served by the CTE Resource Center through the Virginia Department of Education. The State Chapter is headed by the State Chairman* and the Specialist. The State Executive Board governs Virginia FBLA and includes the State Chairman, the Specialist, the state officers, one adviser of each state officer, and the Regional Directors. The Director of the Office of Career and Technical Education Services, Department of Education, is an ex-officio member of the Executive Board.

*According to the guidelines of the National Association of Parliamentarians and FBLA-PBL, Inc., the term chairman is used as a generic term.

FBLA Structure

FBLA Regional Structure

When the State Chapter was established, it was organized into four nearly equal geographic regions, each centered around a state college or university. The tremendous growth of Virginia FBLA resulted in the formation of additional regions. The most recent, the eleventh region was formed in 1980.

The purposes of the state's regional structure are:
• to provide opportunities for leadership development and participation in FBLA activities beyond the local chapter level.
• to provide an orderly and approved selection of participants in competitive events at the state level.

Each region has its own bylaws, officers, adviser, and director. The regional adviser is the adviser of the regional president's chapter, and the director is appointed by the State Chairman. Each regional president serves as a vice-president of the Virginia State Chapter.

FBLA Regions

FBLA Local Chapter Structure

A local FBLA chapter may be established in any school with a business education program. The teachers in the business department serve as chapter advisers. FBLA is a co-curricular organization, and its activities are an integral part of the instructional program.

The local chapter, operating under a charter granted by FBLA-PBL, Inc., conducts activities within the framework of the state and national organizations. To ensure that all students benefit from FBLA activities, a local chapter may be organized into mini- or subchapters. These mini-chapters may be organized by special interest groups or by periods of the school day.


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For understanding, leadership
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For friendship with our foreign friends,
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